Three Things You Must Know About Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor playgrounds really are a fun spot for kids to play! Did you know they also have a variety of health benefits? Kids having an opportunity to run around and research is incredibly valuable due to their health and well-being. Unfortunately, the chilly winter months leave several chances to play and explore. Luckily, Jungle Property is here to help. Our distance lets children play in a safe, comfortable, and exciting atmosphere.
In today's blog, we'll explore 5 health advantages of playing in an indoor playground sale playground.

A Healthy Heart

We often think of heart health just in the context of elderly adults--for example, in regards to reducing blood pressure or preventing cardiovascular disease. Keeping your heart healthy is not only for older adults! A wholesome lifestyle begins at a young age and is a lifelong process.
The heart is a muscle. Just like any other muscle, it improves when contested regularly with exercise. Lively play in kids helps keep their heart healthy and strong. Exercise also reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol and fats in the bloodstream. It increases the potency of the walls of blood vessels and helps to lower blood pressure. An active kid is a healthy child, and enjoying at Jungle Land is a fun spot to do that.

Energy Levels

You don't want your children snoozing in school. Fortunately, regular exercise makes children feel more energetic and helps them become more active without exhaustion. Encouraging your kids to run around and play frequently, such as in an indoor park, reduces the odds that they'll doze off during the weekdays at school.

Improves Motor Skills

Exercise and regular play improve balance, flexibility, coordination, and stamina. Developing these skills are essential to children' development. Exploration and indoor play will help them learn new abilities with greater ease and confidence.
Emotional Well-Being
As a parent, it is important to consider not just your child's physical well-being, but also their psychological well-being. Exercise releases endorphins, which increase self-esteem, improve sleep, reduce stress, and ward off of feelings of depression and anxiety. An active child is more likely to feel happy and confident.

Improves Concentration

Did you know that playtime can improve your child's academic achievement? Scientific studies show that this to be authentic. Exercise promotes fresh and more powerful connections between nerve cells in the brain and helps protects them from harm. Regular exercise can help your child succeed in college.
School-age kids should get no less than one hour of busy playtime daily. Throughout the winter months, that isn't always easy. Fortunately, Jungle Land provides a comfortable, warm, and safe environment for kids to play with their heart's happiness. Not only can it be a fun experience, but it's also great for the kids' health. Come down to Jungle Land, and you're sure to have a blast.

How To Learn Indoor Playground Equipment

indoor jungle gymYou've got the fundamentals -- an amazing play area developed with multiple ages in your mind and specialization mulch for soft landings -- but a number of the most useful park elements are usually overlooked. From a committed (and safe) area for puppies, to particular needs favorable swings, and just a place for families to gather, here are a few components your park could possibly be missing.

More and more people visit dog parks annually -- and you likely have a lot of canine visitors already. Developing a dedicated space allows you to keep pets off the indoor playground supply and in a specific, gated location. A dedicated drama zone provides you a place to post principles for pets along with the park, doggy disposal bags, and even some fun agility training bits only for pups. Best of all, it decreases the risk that a puppy will interfere with or chase children, and ensures that your play area stays waste free.
Particular Needs Swings and Gear
A single special needs swing can delight a child that would otherwise be unable to playwith. Children with physical disabilities are obvious candidates for this type of equipment, but kids with balance and gross motor skill issues would enjoy having the ability to use the equipment as well. Autism rates continue to climb, and many children who are on the spectrum have neurological problems that impact balance -- they benefit considerably from a swinging.
The movement of swinging will help soothe the vestibular system and advantages last long following the swinging has finished. One time a kid with equilibrium problems outgrows the complete seats of a baby swing, they often can not make the transition to a very simple rubber chair; an oversized, unique needs friendly swing, or disc makes the playground enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

Fitness Equipment

Sturdy, freestanding gym equipment may be used by adults and older teens to get fit when going to the park. While some things might be out of reach, kids can also use gym for the intended purpose or for creative adventure drama. More and more people are foregoing the gym in favor of exercising outdoors, and various studies have shown that nature can assist in motivation, health, and well-being. Adding fitness to a park, playground, or nature trail really adds value.

You don't need to have a massive pavilion, but with a sheltered, dedicated area for gatherings and celebrations provides citizens a cheap and welcoming spot to have a celebration. When it is a kid's party, a family reunion, or simply a fun get together, having a spot that can be used for a get?together will create your park more family friendly. Include a designated seating area with picnic area and accessibility to restrooms for best results; locals are going to have the ability to use your space more effectively if you have these amenities available.
Emergency Equipment
Equipment such as Automated External Defibrillators may save lives in an emergency. Adding an AED for your area could save yourself an adult or child's lifestyle. These portable, user friendly devices are popping up in public spaces anywhere, from Disney World to State and Federal controlled parks.
The elements you add to your park will count on the people using it most and the communities you wish to serve. Careful consideration of the needs of your intended audience, and a summary of what you want to accomplish with your playground, can help you fine tune your decisions and make certain you have the final result you desire. Contact us to understand how easy it's to outfit your park to serve your desired audience and get the results you want from your space.

Using Three Indoor Playground Business Strategies Like The Pros

indoor jungle gymIn a previous blog post, I spoke the 7 things I no longer do in my indoor playground business as I have matured and grown as a business proprietor.
I referenced Michael Hyatt, that, in many of his books and programs always describes designing your perfect days and weeks as"the desire zone." Running within your desire zone, even as he explains it, simply means you're spending the bulk of your time doing what you love AND are great at.
Even though this is continually changing as my priorities (both professionally and personally) evolve, these are just 5 of those jobs that I am not giving up only yet as a company owner.

At Climbing Vines Cafe and Play, we have picked our exceptional personal birthday parties as the main focus of our business.
Due to this attention, I have chosen to plan the primary aspects of each celebration we sponsor. When someone publications their occasion with us, they get a detailed confirmation that includes my own contact info and mentions that I will be personally in touch because their event draws near.
While I do not normally take care of the implementation of our celebrations, I do act as the major touchpoint for parents and gather all of their information and tastes. Ten days prior to each celebration, I send a personalized celebration"questionnaire" which includes all of the details we have gathered up to this point, provides added day-of information, and inquires about last-minute particulars.
I answer all questions that the host might have in response to that email and-- after some back-and-forth communication-- I list all of their event info on that which we call a"celebration prep sheet." According to clients' choices, I make a listing for every one of our sellers (catering, party supplies, balloons, paper products, etc.) and will ordinarily have a team member complete the shopping and organize all the supplies so that they are grouped by party. Because we have up to 6 comprehensive events in one weekend, this organization is essential!
The party-prep sheet is a very thorough document that allows our party hosts to do the occasion to the exact specifications of their parents, leaving no stone unturned. This has allowed me to have most weekends free yet still feel convinced we are providing an above-and-beyond birthday party experience.
After the party, we send a survey to every hosting household. If they have opinions, whether it be positive or negative, I always follow up personally. This closes the loop on clients' expertise and makes certain they understand I genuinely care for their child's special day. This method has lead to a substantial amount of repeat bookings and consistent testimonials from past parties.
Not merely is planning these parties something that I excel in, but additionally, childhood perceptions I take great pleasure inside . Event planning is how I got into this business in the first place, so I am more than happy to take on this endeavor. If I'm ever feeling overwhelmed with all the facts, I know I have amazing team members I will lean on.


Speaking of our amazing team members, yet another job I choose to have a hand in is our hiring and firing procedure. While I really do leave the final decision up to our cafe supervisor, I would rather write the project posts and filter and descriptions through resumes and software before bringing anyone in for a meeting.
Having spent several years shooting and hiring my fair share of workers, it's easy for me to see red-flags on applications and find"diamonds in the rough" Since we have most of our standard operating procedures documented and optimized, I prefer to employ based on personality and enthusiasm rather than experience.
I also make sure I welcome each worker to our staff and touch base with them frequently to check in and gather feedback from them.

Since I spend some time doing those 7 things (and more!) , my time and energy have been freed up to investigate what our ideal clients want and need and find out a way to incorporate that in our business model.
For instance, I noticed that our birthday celebration bookings were slowing down at the Summer. When I requested a few clients, they mentioned that they DID love our events and attention-to-detail but chosen a Summer celebration to be outside at their residence (since many have backyards and pools). We then started offering mobile events, where we would bring food, decorations, and activities for your children to their houses, and it was a hit!
Another example is our occasions . We're always adding fun new occasions that allow clients, especially working parents with limited weekday availability, to visit us outside of hours and get an enhanced experience throughout the theme of the event, class, or activity.
If I were I still doing EVERY task in my business, I would not have nearly enough time to perform as much research or innovation.


If it comes to understanding how to innovate and what to provide, it starts with forging a real connection with customers.
It's because of this that I really like interacting with our customers all time (when I could ) and on social media. I choose to work celebrations, events, and even open-play when my family's schedule allows it so that I can stay involved and aware of what is occurring during the day. Additionally, it gives me the opportunity to observe how clients are using our distance firsthand and listen to any concerns or questions they have. Even though in this age of technology you can find testimonials, forms, and polls, I have discovered that NOTHING can replace using a face-to-face dialog with customers who use your distance (and probably visits competitors too!)
It's because of this you will even see billionaire CEOs seeing retail locations on a regular basis. Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks, was famous for seeing hundreds of stores around the nation every year, spending time with all the customers who had been spending their money on his products.
I love being a family owned and operated business, and that I love for my clients to understand that I am fully invested in their own happiness.

While I no longer do one-on-one consulting for individuals hoping to open indoor playgrounds, I do spend a substantial quantity of time creating absolutely free articles for them here on my blog and above on YouTube. I also have a totally free, 44-page eBook for play-cafe-owning hopefuls that they can download right on our website or by clicking here.
If someone consumes that free information and decides they still would love to move forward with their programs, I have an online program named Play Cafe Academy where I help entrepreneurs get from daydream to opening-day in less time and with less strain than they ever believed possible.
When I was researching this company model, there wasn't a lot of information out there. Current owners really keep all of their business secrets near their vest, and that I do not blame them! It's hard once you've worked for years and years to establish a profitable company to want to give away those secrets for nothing. Even in the event that you charge a consulting fee, you are still kind of giving away the secrets that you've worked so hard for and it is very easy as a business owner to get a little smug and protective of your research and development.
When it came time to start my own business, I wound up making a slew of errors (and I suggest a TON of mistakes) since I simply didn't know any better. So when I started getting emails and calls to consult for additional potential play cafe owners, I couldn't keep this information to myself. While it's easy for me to feel like an imposter or there are other business owners much more qualified than me to discuss this information, I know that there's a 4-years-ago me sitting at work somewhere waiting for another idea to jump out in them.
And honestly, I do not need to see one more company close because someone who is walked before them did not share any information! Why don't you discuss it myself?!
However, my time is precious. I have two small children and run another company... I don't have 12 hours to devote hand-holding each perspective owner through the process. (And allow me to tell you, it is going to require at least 12 to 24 hours of paid one-on-one consulting to break the surface of everything you require, such as documentation)
PCA is broken up into eight modules at which I cover everything from writing your business plan to deciding on a place and signing the proper lease to organizing your own streams of earnings and much, much more. Students can go through these modules at their own pace, and I don't need to take the opportunity to walk my students throughout the program.
This enables me to help other entrepreneurs along their path while also reserving time and energy that I want for my loved ones and other commitments.
I know many owners who choose to do ALL of the things inside their business, and it works for them because most of us have distinct"desire zones."
Are and may design my"ideal" weeks so. When I was still burning the candle on both ends trying to handle everything myself, I would be doing myself, my loved ones, and my clients a significant disservice.

Indoor Playground Equipment Iphone Apps

indoor playgroundProperly scrutinizing and keeping up on maintenance of your indoor playground equipment home park will go a very long way to ensure the protection of your visitors.
The indoor playground ought to be inspected each morning before opening, in addition to through the day. All employees should be properly trained in what to search for while inspecting the play gear.
Maintaining your playground to maintain best condition is critical to the safety and achievement of your play field. Normal maintenance is to be expected, and it is an very important part of owning and running an indoor playground.
Normal maintenance includes replacement of particular components from time to time like post padding, netting, vinyl parts, and replacement of ball pit balls. It also includes making certain nuts, bolts, and other hardware is complete, tightened, and also in good shape. Windows and domes should be free of any openings; if cracked or broken, they should be replaced promptly.
Necessary maintenance ought to be identified during regular inspections. Some playground operators prefer using an outside company to perform maintenance on the play structure.

Post Pads

The pads covering the articles should be scrutinized for signs of wear. Ensure no bits of padding are missing. Make sure that there are no zip ties overlooking; replace as required. Also check to be certain there are no exposed ends or sharp edges on the ties.
Netting should be secure and undamaged. Inspect the netting for holes/tears is vital, especially on upper levels of this playground. Small holes/tears will continue to grow, becoming a potential entrapment issue or even kids falling through. Bigger holes/tears will need the pliers to be substituted in the affected area.
Safety Floor
Inspect the safety floor to ensure it is not coming up in link points. Be sure to concentrate on tripping hazards. Replace as required.

Webbing and Vinyl

Check all webbing, net cloths, and vinyls are secure and free from tears. Including, but not restricted to, deck boards, web bridges, and internet platforms.

Plastic Elements

Make certain there are no cracks in plastic components, windows, and domes.
At Indoor Playgrounds Internationalwe install with security in mind. Our installation technicians are trained to possess great attention to detail, ensuring minimal maintenance will be necessary by the owner. We care for our customers and our team will assist with maintenance of your playground well after the installation is complete.
All things above are insured by our industry leading warranty period. Indoor Playgrounds International also includes a complete time Certified Playground Safety Inspector on employees who personally trains all our installation technicians.

Does Indoor Playground Equipment Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid?

Indoor playgrounds are extremely popular destinations for families with kids, however, if not properly washed they can become a hazard to public health and safety. A proper cleaning schedule is extremely vital for keeping your playground safe for children.
To begin with, let's look at the differences between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.
Cleaning: using soap and water to get rid of chemical, physical, and microbial compounds from surfaces.
Sanitizing: using chemicals or other verified methods to reduce the amount of germs on clean surfaces into a safe level.
Disinfecting: utilizing chemicals to remove each of the germs recorded on the product label, which might include bacteria, fungi, or viruses.
Germs may nevertheless be present even if playground surfaces appear clean. Properly cleaning then sanitizing or disinfecting will reduce dangerous germs and children's risk for disease and illness.
Routine cleaning and sanitizing
Indoor playground surfaces should be washed and sanitized daily, and spot cleaned throughout the day, even if they do not look cluttered. Clean and sanitize surfaces immediately if dirt is current. Clean surfaces thoroughly with warm water before sanitizing. indoor jungle gym Playgrounds International recommends assigning a team member to continuously spot clean during the construction during business hours. Not only does this ensure a clean playground, but it helps reassure parents.

Body fluids (blood, urine, vomit, fecal matter) are highly contagious and needs to be cleaned up quickly. The affected area ought to be closed so staff can clean and disinfect. Clean surfaces thoroughly with soap and water prior to disinfecting.

Below is a list of do's and don'ts concerning cleaning supplies.


Soap & Water: mild antibacterial dishwashing soap and hot water are recommended for cleaning. Use approximately 2 tablespoons to one gallon water. Never use degreaser on any plastics, domes, or chimney.
Soft cloths: clean, absorbent soft cotton fabrics are best to use for cleaning.
Soft bristle brush: use soft, soft bristle brushes for cleaning ropes and net crawls, and removing dust and debris out of plastics. Wash and rinse the surface immediately after using to remove any residue.
Paper towels: never use paper towels on domes or windows. It will scratch and dull the surface.
Harsh compounds: not use harsh chemicals like chlorine, bleach, or other compounds that may degrade or dull the plastic.
At Indoor Playgrounds International, we put cleanliness and safety of above all else. Showing parents you care about the wellbeing and security of the children ensures they'll return and spread the word.